Willow and the Tacoma
The Dog and Her Tacoma

A long time ago I read John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charlie and just knew then that one day, if possible I would try to recreate my own version of that endeavor. The main point of this extended adventure is to treat my dog to the best, most interesting, carefree life she can possibly have. The price for that… she has to pose for my annoying photos at a moment’s notice and so… This is an Adventure Log I’ve started to chronicle the travels of my dog Willow and I as we camp, hike and wander off-road. In it we will share pictures, descriptions and insights as well as info on the BIFL (Buy It For Life) gear we use to make this all happen.

The beginnings of her life were harsh, the rest will be as blissful as I can offer.  We were planning on wandering to where my heart and weather dictate with no set agenda but, due to her skin issues being mostly humidity and pollen-related, we will now focus our adventuring primarily in the American Southwest. Exceptions will be made when we travel to care for a few select groups of animals, livestock and properties throughout the West Coast and Southwestern United States.

We’ll keep pictures of me to a minimum. You’re Welcome. My girl will instead be a living version of a Roaming Gnome, my talisman that gets taken on far-flung journeys and adventures and has her pictures sent back to those in the know. If she was there, I was there.

We are always on the lookout for thoughtful suggestions from fellow travelers, adventurers, overlanders, off-roaders and people in the know. If you have a favorite spot to camp, hike or off-road you’d like to share with us please drop us a note. We’d be happy to use, fondle and honestly review any gear you think may make our travels and adventures easier, more efficient or more pleasant.

Please visit us here again as we are regularly adding more content about the places we’ve gone, the things we’ve seen, the people and animals we’ve met and the tools that let it all be possible.

Thank you for reading.

Maybe we’ll see you off the beaten path.


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