BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

I am the 2nd owner of this Tacoma. The previous owner did several upgrades to it and a couple of them I even like. One that was not to my liking was his change to 15×12 wheels with substantially larger than stock Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33×12.50R15LT (318/72/15). While certainly fun and cushy off-road they had their drawbacks. They were noisy, they rubbed in several places, front and rear when doing certain maneuvers and, to put it lightly, my gas mileage sucked (about 15.8 mpg). So, I decided to go back to its factory size of 265/70R-16. I have BFGoodrich All-Terrains on my FJ55 Land Cruiser so decided to stick with what I know.

close-up of my tires at the beach
At the Beach

Now sometimes I get excited about something and, after a little research, if it sounds good, I’ll get it. That’s what I did with these. Incredibly, when these wheels and tires showed up from they were inflated to 74psi…and they’re rated for 80psi max! For the first few minutes of the test drive on a nice, smooth piece of road they were awesome; smooth, quiet (coming from Mickey Thompson Mud Terrains ANYthing would be quieter, except maybe Super Swampers), with crisp turn-in and handling. And then I hit a pothole and was almost shaken out of my seat. Like a cement truck riding on iron shod wagon wheels. A few forum posts later I found my new normal of 48psi cold, which gets up into the low to mid-50’s warm, max.

Don’t get me wrong, they have so far met my expectations and taken us both into and back out of some challenging places and situations. What I didn’t factor into the buying decision was Load Factor. I didn’t even know what it was. If it fits it should work…right? Well now I know about Load Factor and these tires are more than the Tacoma needs. I needed C and these are E. That means they are heavier than ideal. Apparently just two tires have the ability to handle the weight of the entire Tacoma. That’s not including the shell and everything on it and in it but that only adds another 1000 pounds or so. Hopefully that also means they can handle more than I can dish out so I expect them to last a good long time.

As for as the two main reason I got them…they are amazingly quiet compared to the Mickey Thompsons and my mileage went up into the mid-to-high 17’s and that does include the shell and extra 1000 lbs of stuff we regularly carry.

UPDATE: Now that we have the new Old Man Emu lift on I can see that we could handle tires bigger than normal. I still have the old Pacer wheels and Mickey Thompson tires and so might slap them back on for another round.

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