Camping Among Stabby Things

We’re continuing on our way to Glendale to drop a load of stuff off at the storage unit. Our next stop after Barstow is up in the hills off Hwy 72 and Vicksburg Pit Road in Vicksburg, AZ. The Free Campsites website has told us about dispersed camping options there on BLM land but we pushed further up into the hills to get off the beaten path and make it more of an adventure. We didn’t need to use 4×4 traction but the high clearance was a must. I seriously doubt normal street cars could get here, not even “Rally Car” types like Subaru WRX/Outbacks or Mitsubishi Evos and the like.

After about 30 minutes of slow going on infrequently maintained dirt roads and across a couple of washes it was starting to get dark so we stopped at the next area that seemed, at least, not inhospitable. It was…barely.

Within moments of letting Willow out of the truck she came back walking funny and with a pained and quizzical look on her face. An inspection revealed several of these vicious little things stuck in her paws.

bit of cholla catus stuck to my finger
It attacked me when removing it from her paw

They stick in hard rubber as well and are difficult to remove by hand. I ended up getting out a pair of needle nose pliers to pull them out.

piece of cholla cactus stuck to my Asolo boots
They tenaciously clung to my Asolo boots

This means that her booties go on. She’s not a fan right off the bat but soon remembers that they work well and are better than sharp spiky things in one’s tender girlie paws.

Willow with a look on her face like I have just beat her when all I did was put her Ruffwear booties on
She is never a fan of the booties when they first go on

We found a non-spiky, not-too-rocky area to pitch the tent, quickly whipped up some chow for the both of us and settled in for the night.

Sheltered from the wind. Not another person for miles.
Sheltered from the wind. Not another person for miles.

Surprisingly we didn’t hear or see any animals but it’s also nice to not have the girl wanting to slam out of the tent after this or that at all hours of the night.

The next morning after a leisurely coffee we took a quick walk up to the top of the little hill that sheltered us from the winds last night.

Willow wearing her Ruffwear booties
See, I told you the booties are a good thing

Beautiful high desert views all around.

Panorama from the top of our little hill. Click for full size.

After our little walk we packed up and headed out. Next stop, the storage unit in Glendale to unload the stuff that’s been filling up the camper shell for the last few days. After that, we’re going to be able to sleep in the shell again and are going to look for the next beautiful place to stop for the night on our continuing adventure.

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