Some Guiding Principles and Things We’ve Learned

In no order of importance and
continually being fine tuned:

• Follow the Leave No Trace principle and, if you Pack It In, Pack It Out.
• Picking up and packing out your own garbage is no longer adequate. To keep up with scumbag litterers please consider picking up more than just your own garbage.
• There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.
• Stop and smell the Roses (or other flowers).
• Don’t die or get stuck and put others at risk because you are a stubborn fool. If the sign says “Road Closed” it’s closed.
• Brown road signs are worth following and seeing what they’re all about.
• If it’s not broke, don’t fix (or try to improve) it, you’ll probably break it.
• Once it breaks we will definitely try to fix something (tool, gear) at least once, but this isn’t baseball, two strikes and it’s out.
• If you can get warm by putting on cotton, it was not actually cold in the first place.
• Don’t replace something until it breaks (a 2nd time) or no longer meets your needs.
• Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it. Just because it isn’t your garbage doesn’t mean you are not allowed to pick it up too. See my post on Poop Karma©.
• Keep the dog’s water bowl filled.
• Don’t leave food or other aromatic items out for the critters to explore.
• Keep it in two-wheel drive until you actually need 4-wheel drive.
• Tap out/visually check your shoes (and hat) before putting them on. Not kidding.


spider on my hand
I’ll handle bitey/stingy things when they’re cold and sluggish
Small wood scorpion on my hand
He came out of my boot translucent white, cold and sluggish. Warmed up on my hand, turned brown and sauntered off. Cute little monster.
young scorpion with penny for scale on my hand
Another Cute Little Bugga! (Read In A Late, Great Steve Irwin Accent) Found At Hunter Cabin.
Pissed Baby Tarantula Found In My Hat Near Parker, AZ
Pissed Baby Tarantula Found In My Hat Near Parker, AZ

• Never drive down a road you don’t think you can back up on
• If you are unsure of the trail or its conditions first gear is more than fast enough
• If you hear an ugly sound from your vehicle stop and check it out. Even if you don’t find anything right then, at the end of the trail do a more thorough inspection and see if anything is obviously wrong.
• If your dog is uncomfortable in your passenger seat, you’re wheeling too hard, slow down and relax
• Air up one axle at a time
• Don’t eat the yellow snow

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