Muck Brand boots

As the name implies these are a great option for when you need to stomp around in muck and simply hose them off when done. The first time I lived in a farm environment it was on a sheep ranch in Humboldt county. That equals wet, mud and sheep shit. The owners of the ranch wore and recommended the Muck boots. I wore my nice, waterproof, gore-tex hiking boots the first day I was there and never made that mistake again. They were too short for some of the puddles and piles and were immediately covered and overwhelmed with muck never to be the same again. That night I went to the local farm store and got my first pair of Hosers.

waterproof, warm and comfortable
Waterproof, Warm And Comfortable

Much better. They’re actually comfortable to wear all day and the neoprene keeps your feet warmer than wearing simple, thin-walled rubber boots. Sheep are rather docile and not too big or stompy creatures so the Hosers worked out fine. At other times I’ve worked on farms where the animals weighed substantially more and had the bad habit of stepping on us smaller human creature’s feet. In those situations I wore a pair Muck brand Steel Toe boots. If you’ve never had your toes stepped upon by a Warmblood or Quarter Horse trying to push past one another to get a treat I emphatically do NOT recommend it.

IMG_20151214_094159 copy

I like the all-day comfort, the warmth and the ease of cleanup of these boots and have now replaced my first pairs with a second of the same style. If you ever find yourself in need of a pair of boots for working in farm, ranch or just plain wet and muddy conditions you cannot go wrong with a pair of these.

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