Four Corners

Knowing we were near the Four Corners area we made it a point to drive to the monument and take a look. It is the only location in the United States where four states meet. This is the monument to that area. It is on Navajo land and not really near anything else of note. It was a highly windy day when we stopped by and there were far more Native American vendors plying their wares than there were visitors to the monument.

sign welcoming visitors to the Four Corners Area
On the Way Into the Site
The Monument Itself Surrounded by Vendor Huts
The Monument Itself Surrounded by Vendor Huts

The four states are Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Each state has its own informational pillar as well as a quarter of the monument where they display their state seal.

Colorado's Informational Pillar As An Example
Colorado’s Informational Pillar As An Example

As we understand it the spot where the actual geologic Four Corners happens to be is several hundred meters away but this monument is legally recognized as the intersection of the Four States in question.

the monument itself
The Four States’ Slice of the Monument and Their State Seals
The Actual, Legal Marker
The Actual, Legal Marker
Willow and I on the Monument itself
Couldn’t Get Her to Stand Still For a “Paw-In-Each-State” Photo So Had To Join Her

We wanted to do the traditional photo of a paw (or 2 hands and 2 feet) in each state’s quadrant at the same time but it really was too windy to not worry the tripod was going to blow over and Willow was just in an antsy mood so we settled for the one picture of me kneeling with her. Cute, yes but the picture is actually of me with a firm grip on her collar in order to calm her down enough for that mediocre picture. Oh well. We were there. We came. We saw. We took photographic proof. Now we just need to spend some more quality time exploring those four states.

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  1. Kelly Short

    We were there 18 years ago this Memorial Day. At the monument there was a disheveled little black dog that walked up to us. I gave him water and one of the native American vendors told us he’d been dumped off with eight other dogs two weeks prior and he was the last to hang around. We scooped him up and took him home to our vet. We named him Arizona, he came from the Arizona side. We just had to say good bye to him but will never forget our sweet little four corners dog, Arizona.😪

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