Coconino National Forest

The Coconino National Forest is over 1.8 Million acres in size and we were obviously only able to explore several tiny portions of it. Like our time in the Stanislaus National Forest and Death Valley we did far too many things to put in just one post so this is our main Coconino National Forest clearinghouse page.

We camped literally at the rim of the Mogollon Rim before being burgled and having a bunch of our camping and cooking gear stolen from that campsite.

We witnessed (and interfered with) nature in all her brutal beauty when we came across a Tarantula Hawk and her prey.

We paid a visit to the oldest schoolhouse in Arizona.

We took a hike to and around Potato Lake.

Willow took a dip in the Blue Ridge Reservoir.

We spent several days at Kinnikinnick Lake before being forced to flee because of smoke from prescribed fires.

When we finally left the Southern Coconino we took the long way from The Mogollon Rim to the Flagstaff area so we could swing by Winslow, AZ and stand on that famous corner.

We cleaned up a junky junkies campsite near Walnut Canyon National Monument and then made it our own.

We spent a few days catching up with acquaintances at the Summer RTR before it got shut down by Rangers because the group was too big and did not have a permit. Luckily we had set up camp about a mile away from the official spot and so were not forced to move.

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