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UPDATE: It has been a long time coming but we have decided to focus any attention for this website on this actual website and not filter and overshare my posts through the lens and algorithms of a shit-tier corporation. I have purged my IG followers down to only those that I have met In Real Life…which is all of 31 so there is truly zero reason to bother with that.

We regularly find ourselves out of AT&T’s substandard coverage area and so cannot always keep this blog up-to-date in the manner we would like. Crafting a quality blog post takes time. We first have to go through all the photos we have taken for that adventure and cull the ones that are out of focus or redundant or just crap. Then we have to reduce them in size to something that will not break your bandwidth bank when we embed 10+ of them in a post. Then we try to put them in some sort of order to tell the story of the adventure and then write all those words that, hopefully, bring the tale to life.

To fill the gap between what we are doing right now and when we finally get around to uploading a quality blog post we have decided to take the leap and join Instagram so that we can at least titillate (great word) you with what will be upcoming on this main Adventureswithdog.com site.

Willow at a windy overlook at Crater Lake
A Picture To Keep Your Interest

So, if you would like to be notified when we post something, please feel free to find us there.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Eric & Willow


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