Four Days Along The Mojave Road

If our working definition of Adventure is simply stated as “A journey, sometimes of a hazardous nature, where the outcome is not entirely within your own control” then, truth be told, a fair amount of our “adventures” do not really meet our hypothetical definition. Literal definition…sure. Heck, you have an adventure every time you drive down the street and have to survive the actions of the dozens of other drivers you share the road with each minute – the outcome is not entirely within your own control. Normally though, we know, in general, where we are headed and fully expect to arrive unmolested and in one piece.

About a year ago Willow and I were exploring the Mojave National Preserve and came across this roadside marker.

Roadside marker for The Mojave Road
Saw this across the road, came to have a look

After reading the sign we looked out behind the marker and could see this “road” heading off into the unknown distance and our curiosity was peaked.

Tire tracks to the right of the Mojave Road marker
Off into the wilds

About six months later in late June of 2016 we decided to find out what the Mojave Road was all about and tackle this literal adventure. After looking up as much info as we could online we came to the conclusion that many people have come to and decided that we needed to have in our possession arguably the definitive book on how to travel the Mojave Road, Denis Casbier’s Mojave Road Guide.


To make the trip even more “adventure-y” we decided to not read the book before we set out and to instead follow along in real time as we made our way across the desert. LPT – reading a book while driving, even really slowly, is difficult and less-than-smart. We also broke the cardinal rule of this or any other overland trip by not going with any other people or vehicles. Had we run into any mechanical or health problems we were miles from any usable AT&T signal and would have had a heck of a time getting ourselves out of danger. I recently found my old FCC license and we now have a portable HAM radio with us so next time we will have that option just in case. It all worked out for the best but, trust us, next time we run the Road we will attempt to do it with friends in tow.

While our Mojave Road story starts at the roadside marker in November 2015 our actual adventure started in June 2016 and where all adventures should start, the beginning. Historically and in this case as well that means taking the road from East to West and starting our trip on the banks of the mighty Colorado River.

We took four days to complete the whole trip including the “extra” portion from the Afton Canyon Campground to the site of the old Camp Cady. To break up what would be a huge post we will post each day as a separate entry.

Day 1: From the Colorado River to Camp Piute, Camp Rock Spring to Phallus Camp

Day 2: Relaxing at Phallus Camp To Beat The Heat

Day 3: Government Holes to Afton Canyon Campground

Day 4: Afton Canyon to Camp Cady

Now that we have completed this adventure successfully we still want to go back and do it again. The next time though we want to begin a little earlier in the year before it gets so hot and take a few more days to explore more thoroughly. It might also be smart and interesting to go with another vehicle or three. Anyone up for an adventure?



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  1. Penny/James

    Sure enjoyed meeting you and Willow. Thanks for all the info/tales of your journeys.

    1. E

      Nice to meet you three as well. Sorry… as I probably ran off at the mouth a bit which (sometimes) happens when I am enthused about something 😉

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