Mexican Hat

On our way to Valley of the Gods we passed through the little hamlet of Mexican Hat, Utah, population 31. After a quick stop for gas we continued on up Highway 163. A few miles out of town we came across a sign on the right side of the road mentioning the actual Mexican Hat Rock Formation and decided to go take a quick look. The well maintained dirt road got us to our destination all of 5 minutes later and we pulled off to the side of the road for a couple of pictures.

Willow on the hood of the Tacoma ears swept back by the wind with the Mexican Hat Rock Formation in Utah behind her
It Was A Bit Windy

The rock is 60-foot (18 m) by 12-foot (3.7 m) and has two rock climbing routes ascending it. For the purposes of our silly picture this was close enough.

Willow on the hood of the Tacoma with the Mexican Hat Rock Formation in Utah photographically perched on her head
The Non-Original “Trying On The Hat” Shot

Totally worth the quick side trip to check this intriguing rock formation out and then we were back out on the highway for the remaining few miles to the Valley of the Gods turn off.

And that’s it. Our Shortest. Post. Ever. You’re Welcome.

Revel in your freedom.

Have Fun Out There.

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