Geologists’ Cabin Wall Of Shame

This is only one of the many posts relating to our Death Valley adventure. If you would like to see more of what we did on that trip please visit our main Death Valley page.

This is a page to document some of the ________________ <INSERT A NOUN OF YOUR CHOICE (WITH OR WITHOUT A MODIFYING ADJECTIVE) DENOTING REALLY STUPID PEOPLE THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREED> who have felt the need to leave a record of their time spent at the Geologists” Cabin in Death Valley (a historic, federally protected structure) by means of writing, carving or painting on the structure of the cabin itself.

If you are unlucky enough to know any of these people please feel free to shame them loudly, publicly and physically if at all possible. NOTE: I am not, at all, advocating doing anything physical to any of these reprobates as that would be illegal and it would be bad, M’Kay, to do illegal things to people who do illegal things.

vandal #1
1st Douches
vandal @#2
2nd Douches
vandal #3
3rd Douches
4th vandal
4th douches
5th vandal
Keith Evens, You’re a  Douche
6th vandal
Jesse Is A Douche Over And Over Again
7th Vandal
Patrick Scalese = 7th Douche
8th vandal
McAndrew McDouche #8
Fisty the clown is a douche
If Fisty the Clown is Your Trail Name You Have Bigger Problems Than Just Your Doucheness
vandal 9
Reed Is Another Multi-Douche
Our 11th Douche Crew
Our 11th Douche Crew
Billy, From Detroit Or Not, You "Sir", Are A Douche
Billy, From Detroit Or Not, You “Sir”, Are A Douche
Not Posh
Not Posh
wall of shame14
And Out Of Nowhere A Wild Herd Of Douches Appears
wall of shame15
Our 15th Group of Douches
wall of shame16
T.M.I. Guys
wall of shame17
Poland Produces Douches Too
wall of shame18
Superdouche Is More Like It
I Am Sorry For That Poor Dog Raised In A Household Of Douches
I Am Sorry For That Poor Dog Raised In A Household Of Douches
vandals used blue paint
Carving or Permanent Marker Did Not Stand Out Enough For These Douches
wall of shame21
We Hope You Guys Broke Up and J.P., You Are A Multi-Douche
wall of shame22
With A Nickname Like That Dirty Mike Should Be Proud
wall of shame23
Our 23rd Douches
If That Your Last Name Girls?
Is That Your Real Last Name Ladies?
wall of shame25
25th Douches
wall of shame26
Can I Assume This Is Proof That Douches Have Existed Since A Least 1959?
wall of shame27
A Three Day Douche Fest
IMG_0928 copy
I’m Not Sure The Sloppy Marker Work Makes It Any Better
IMG_0961 copy
There Was Not Enough Wooden Beam Space To Support All The Douches

Being a douche is bad. If you know someone who might harbor douche vandal tendencies please do all that is in your power to call them out on their douchiness and hopefully stop it in its tracks.

Thank You from non-douche, non-vandals everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Geologists’ Cabin Wall Of Shame

  1. T

    Well, guess I know what I’ll be doing to give back next time I go… painting

    1. E

      That is a wonderful sentiment but, as a “protected” structure in a National Park I would not start painting things without prior, written permission from the National Park Service.

  2. This is great! Can’t believe this still happens. I’ll be sharing this at

    1. E

      Hi Nick. Thanks for the kind words and mention on your site. Chief Seattle’s “Take only memories, leave only footprints” seems to be forgotten by far too many people out in our beautiful public lands these days.

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