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UPDATE: Well…it was fun while it lasted. Sadly, due to the ever-increasing amount of fraudulent subscribers we have decided to disable this functionality on our site. If you do, truly, wish to keep up-to-date with our adventures we would ask that you simply revisit the site every so often to see what new content has …

Mingus Mountain Wilderness

Does it even hold water
My Tacoma
I parked out of sight of the access road
First glimpse of the area
One of several piles of garbage left behind by previous visitors
One of several piles of garbage left behind by previous visitors
a pile of horse dung left in a firepit
No, I really don’t to use your horse’s dung as fuel
broken bottle
A Lot of this
A pile of garbage I collected
After 30 minutes of pickup. The pile eventually grew
dog sitting on her pad next to a roaring campfire
5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat on it
2nd toilet of the day
a wooden toilet box in the middle of nowhere
2nd toilet of the day

About an hour after driving away from Arcosanti we find our way up the narrow access road out of Clarkdale and arrive in downtown Jerome. We don’t specifically know where we are going to stay tonight so we can’t stay long but we have a couple of stops we always make when in town, Caduceus Cellars and The Spirit …

Home Shopping Network

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