How To Subscribe To This Blog or, Well…it was fun while it lasted

UPDATE: Well…it was fun while it lasted. Sadly, due to the ever-increasing amount of fraudulent subscribers we have decided to disable this functionality on our site. If you do, truly, wish to keep up-to-date with our adventures we would ask that you simply revisit the site every so often to see what new content has been added. We’re sorry for the change and we thank you for your support.

We recently received a comment asking how to follow us through this site. I know I had activated that option in the Admin setting but had never actually tried to see what those steps might be and so went to take a look at how the process works. At the bottom of a post (and hopefully after you’ve read it) if you choose to leave a comment you click inside the “Leave a Reply” text box where it says “Enter your comment here….” When you do that the box expands to offer you fields to enter your name and email address if you so choose. Below those fields are two check boxes for if you want to be notified of new comments to that particular post and/or if you want to know when any new posts go live. That ends up looking like this:

fixed comment form
Please Feel Free To Check Any That Apply

I have noticed that we get an inordinate number of people signing up with email addresses from temporary email sites or throwaway email services and that’s totally fine. We get it. While we do not, nor will we ever collect, give away, sell, transfer or otherwise abuse your email address we are just a guy and a dog on the internet so I wouldn’t trust us either. What we do take issue with is sign-ups from domains that fail every anti-scam test we run. Some of those tests include: The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity (by itself that is fine, we do that too) but if there is also a high number of suspicious websites on the same server, the website is under one year old, the website setup involves countries known to be high risk and a few others. If the email address you use if through a company that fails many or all of those tests then, sorry, your account will be deleted.

Right now the average sign up rate is probably 10 scam emails to 1 legitimate address and we go through about once a month and weed out the bullshit ones. It’s not too hard to run the scam tests and delete the bogus accounts but I expect that if that percentage tips ever more towards scam addresses we will just remove that option and ask those that are truly interested in our adventures to simply check back in to see what we have been up to.

So, if you’ve waded through all that and are still interested in receiving a notice when new content appears then we welcome you to sign up.

Have a Great Day!

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